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A Countrywide Health Education Program Targeted at Women

Dr. Misra initiated a health education program focusing on women with the help of a grant from the Department of Science and Technology in 8 cities in India. In this initiative, women in the age >30 years are targeted for proper nutrition and lifestyle advice and early detection of various diseases.

Awareness Initiatives on Diabetes and Heart Disease in India

Dr. Misra has also attempted to create awareness regarding early detection and proper treatment of diabetes in general public as well as in nurses and doctors throughout India by several lectures and interviews. He has organized several diabetes health camps for poor people at Delhi, UP and Haryana and given medicines and insulin free of charge.

A Countrywide Health Education Program Targeted at Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) presents a score of challenges and also opportunities in India. The initial approach and subsequent management of T1DM is rendered vastly difficult in India due to lack of proper education regarding diabetes in affected patients, resource constraint, social issues, inadequate health education, support, and management from general practitioners, and, most importantly, lack of trained diabetes educators. An unaware patient, ignorant family, inadequate medical treatment and unsupportive community, as often seen in India, leads to premature mortality and morbidities in T1DM patients. Worse, the family turns towards cheaper and ineffective alternative therapies while stopping insulin at the cost of diabetic ketoacidosis and even death.

A proposal designed to provide comprehensive, practical, culturally, socially, and resource sensitive health education for T1DM in India was initiated by Dr. Misra. The project was carried out in eight major cities in north India over a period of three years. Health education and awareness program for T1DM was aimed towards patients, their families, physicians, nurses, and general public. Each subgroup was educated using specific health education modules including ‘hands on’ workshops. Innovative and locally appropriate education strategies were used for the intervention.

The project was a major public health initiative dealing with T1DM in India. Importantly, the activities of the project were devised to make it self-sustainable.