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Community Programs and Social Service

Despite his busy clinical service and academic commitments, Professor Misra has done remarkable work for poor people in urban slums, for enhancement of health status of women, and for healthy life for children, and for children suffering from crippling form of diabetes not only in Delhi but for whole of India.

Dr Misra has carried out several health camps and health education programs for economically disadvantaged people in slums, in which free dietary advice and treatment was given. In particular elderly women were targeted for health intervention.

Dr Misra is conducting three large-scale intensive health education programs (“Chetna”, “Marg”, “Teacher”) for schoolchildren in Delhi and several cities of north India. The children are given correct diet and physical activity advice, and made aware of various diseases which are due to incorrect lifestyle. This program is covering 15 cities in north and west India, and more than 500,000 children, their parents and teachers. The program has been extensively appreciated and lauded nationally and internationally.

Dr Misra has initiated a health education program focusing on women with the help of a grant from Department of Science and Technology in 8 cities in India. In this initiative, women in the age >35 years are targeted for proper nutrition and lifestyle advice and early detection of various diseases.

Dr Misra has disseminated awareness regarding early detection and proper treatment of diabetes in general public as well as in nurses and doctors throughout India by several lectures and interviews. He has organized several diabetes health camps for poor people at Delhi, UP and Haryana and given medicines and insulin free of charge.

Dr Misra is planning country-wide intensive health education program for children with type 1 diabetes, their parents and sibling, doctors, dieticians, paramedical workers and general public. This program aims to be first such program in the world, and would be of immense help to these often disadvantaged and socially isolated children.