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Dr Anoop Misra’s Harvard Medical School webinar clip, June 5, 2020

Edited Link of Anoop Mishra Standford Medicine International COVID-19 Conference

COVID-19 Zoom Conference

Book Launch on January 12, 2020 at world Book Fair, Pragati Maidan New Delhi

Dr. Anoop Misra launched the Hindi translated version “Diabetes Ke Saath Bhi Khushaal Jeevan” of his book Diabetes with delight on January 12, 2020 at world Book Fair, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. With the august audience present during the book launch he discussed special features of this book on this occasions and new chapters included in this Hindi version. Mr. Satyadev Pachauri, Mr. Alok Mehta and Mr. Suman Kumar who were present during the book launch also spoke about the special features of this book.


Ahuja Baja Symposium V

Ahuja Baja Symposium V on “Recent advances in Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition” was organized by National Diabetes Obesity and Cholesterol (NDOC) Foundation and Fortis CDOC on September 22, 2019 at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place New Delhi. This was a full day event with constellation of 31 speakers who presented their studies with powerful and crisp presentation that received great laurel from about 450 participants present on that day. In this symposium about 22 stalls from various Pharmaceuticals were also put-up that gave a lot of information about latest medicines for diabetes, blood pressure and heart ailments that attracted a lot of crowd.

Dr. (Prof. ) Anoop Misra chairman fortis CDOC hospital and chairman NDOC thanked all speakers for their valuable contribution through presentations and talk. He further thanked all team for their efforts to make this program a successful.

Powerful and crisp lecture by Dr. Anoop Misra during Ahuja Bajaj symposium V organized by NDOC foundation and Fortis CDOC hospital held on September 22, 2019 at Hotel Eros Nehru place New Delhi.

Dr. Anoop Misra delivering diabetes related lecture in Nigeria on November 22, 2019 during an event organised by Society of family physicians of Nigeria (SOFPON)Re engagement provider networks

Dr. Anoop Misra in Mail Today event, November 12, 2019: Dr Misra said, to fight the Lifestyle Diseases the best thing to do is first, we should educate children from very beginning from their school and second, we should have some legal provision like increasing taxes on Sugar & Oil

BMJ & Fortis C-Doc announce program to support world-class diabetes care

Online course will help health professionals improve their knowledge and skills

BMJ India has teamed up with Fortis C-DOC Centre of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases & Endocrinology in New Delhi to provide educational support for health professionals to improve care for people with diabetes in India. Diabetes is one of the most serious public health problems in India, with India ranked second in terms of prevalence. The International Diabetes Federation estimates the number of patients with diabetes in India at 65.1 million – and this number is expected to cross 100 million by 2030. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that diabetes, heart disease and stroke will cost $237 billion in lost income for India from 2005 to 2015. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) states that a low-income Indian family with an adult living with diabetes can spend up to 25% of their income on diabetes care. In this context it becomes essential that there are educational initiatives that aid the healthcare community in clinical diagnosis and management of diabetes. The diabetes course will meet these challenges by helping physicians improve their knowledge of diabetes, its diagnosis and management. The course is delivered online, with a structured contact program.

Prashant Mishra, Managing Director, BMJ India, said
“Given the current situation of diabetes in the country, we are happy to be involved in this initiative to help doctors learn more about this condition and really make a difference to diabetes care across the country.”

Dr Anoop Misra, Chairman, Fortis C-DOC said
“We are proud to be associated with BMJ in starting diabetes certification course which should match similar courses anywhere in the world. A quality education regarding diabetes for Indian doctors will go a long way to curb the epidemic of diabetes and its complications in India”.