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International Journals, Year Book, and Publishing Advisory Boards

Associate Editor:
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (UK)
Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Research and Reviews (Elsevier, Singapore)
Diabetic Medicine (UK): Till 2016
Journal of Diabetes (USA): 2016-
Current Diabetes Reviews (USA); 2016

Year Book of Diabetes, 2007
Journal of Diabetes in Asia Group (DASH)

Member, Elsevier Clinical Advisory Board for Diabetes, India

Chairperson, Elsevier Clinical Advisory Board for Complications of Diabetes, India

Elsevier Book on The Metabolic Syndrome
Handbook for Managing Complications of Diabetes
Current Diabetes Reviews (Special Issue): Nutrition Transition in Developing Countries: Focus on South Asia

Editorial Boards
Journal of Pancreas and Diabetes (USA)
Diabetes and Obesity International (USA)
Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics (USA)
International Journal of Obesity (USA)
Journal of Clinical Trial Results (USA)
Progress in Preventive Medicine (USA)
Obesity Medicine (USA)
Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice (UK)
Staureday Review Drug Trials
iFrontiers of Diabetes (USA)
World Journal of Diabetes
Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders (USA)
Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases (Italy)2008-2009
International Diabetes Monitor (Sweden)
Medical Science Monitor (USA)
Saturday Review Clinical Trials (USA)
Liver Disease Review Letters (China)
Journal of Diabetes (China/USA)
Diabetes Review Letters (China)
BMC Public Health (USA)

Indian Journals:
Journal of Association of Physicians of India
Journal of Basic and Applied Biomedicine: 1993-1997
JAMA (India): 1998-2002
Journal of Internal Medicine: 2002-till date
National Medical Journal of India, 1992-95
Drug Alert, 1992-96