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Professor Anoop Misra has multi-faceted personality and numerous distinctive achievements in clinical service, teaching, research, community health activities and medical education, and health upliftment of poor people. He has immense contribution to teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.

Despite his busy clinical service and academic commitments, Professor Misra has done remarkable work for poor people in urban slums, for enhancement of health status of women, and for healthy life for children, and for children suffering from crippling form of diabetes not only in Delhi but for whole of India.

Awards Orations & Honors

One of the highest National Awards in India, given by President of India

The highest award for medicine in India

President’s Award for the Excellence” in service to the cause of Rotary, Rotary Club of Delhi South East

Indian Economics Institute

Diabetes with Delight: A Joyful Guide to Managing Diabetes In India

by Anoop Misra – 2018


Can we prevent diabetes? Once it develops, can we reverse it? Can we avoid dangerous and crippling complications? How do I manage diabetes at workplace? Numerous such questions; some have been answered by continuous research and advances in drug and insulin therapy, and discussed in various sections of the book. Those who have their life cut down by diabetes are living longer now, thanks to the effective treatments and change in lifestyle. Those who have complications, suffer less from them due to early diagnosis and effective treatment. Those children who used to jab 3-5 injections of insulin daily, are living comfortably and with normalized blood sugar on insulin pump now. Keeping pace with rapidly increasing advances in diabetes and newer therapy, keeping up with this ever-evolving research, this book attempts to demystify the myths and conundrums surrounding this chronic disease while presenting to you the latest in this field.

Patients need simple guidance. Those who follow the simple principles of the therapy are generally safe and have good quality of life. This is what this book aims to provide-time tested simple advice on various aspects of diabetes and obesity, amalgamated with recent knowledge, and most importantly, suitably tailored for Indians. In this aspect, psyche of Indians patients, uniqueness of Indian diets, and need for individualized exercise framework for Indian bodies has been highlighted in the book.

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